Advocacy & Research Mini-Bulk Container Recycling

Mini-Bulk Container Recycling

As you are aware, the recycling of plastic pesticide containers (1.0, 2.5 gallons, and drums) is currently available in our participating localities. Now we are considering a program to recycle stand alone and/or caged pesticide mini-bulk tanks of 85 to 300 gallons. The new EPA Pesticide Container and Containment Rule went into effect in August of 2011 has rendered many refillable pesticide mini-bulk containers unusable. Any non-compliant tanks need to be retrofitted or taken out of service. This program would help solve the challenge of increasing stockpiles of old or damaged mini-bulk tanks that are taking up space in warehouses, mixing yards, and storage facilities.

Our initial survey indicated there may be a need for the recycling of these containers in certain areas. Would you be willing to help us survey your clientele to help further identify the areas that have a need for mini-bulk recycling? This information is necessary to determine where a program is warranted, how many pesticide mini-bulk tanks are available for recycling, and which locations will be selected as collection/pick-up/or shred sites. This program would be different from our traditional recycling program, this program would require:

  • Advance registration of the mini-bulk tanks to be recycled would be required.
  • We estimate that the cost to the dealer/grower would be approximately $15.00 per tank. (Chemical companies are providing the major funding for their containers under their return programs.)
  • Detailed instructions for the preparation of the tanks would be provided. Briefly, this includes the removal of metal; tanks will need to be rinsed and whole.
  • Tanks must be plastic and between 85 gal to 330 gals in capacity.
  • Steel and fiberglass containers will not be accepted.
  • I have attached a brief survey form that can be completed and returned via mail, fax or email. Or as an option to the attached survey, we are offering an online survey that might help clientele expedite the process.

To access the online survey go to the following website:

This and more information about the new container regulations can be found on our website:

Thank you for reading!