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Value and Benefits of a Virginia Certified Horticulturist Credential

  • Recognition as a trained horticulture professional with knowledge of the science, art, cultivation, care and use of plants.
  • Recognition as a trained horticulture professional with knowledge the overall green industry.
  • A VCH credential is recognized and accepted throughout the State of Virginia. You will be qualified to stamp and approve engineer, landscape architect or design plans requiring plants. This is now a requirement by most Virginia municipality planning boards.
  • Pride and confidence in yourself, your work and the industry you represent.
  • A VCH credential means you are qualified to offer sound, scientific horticultural advice to clients, retail customers, nursery sales, landscape installation (residential or commercial) or lawn maintenance projects.
  • Career advancement | Increased teamwork | Enhanced employability.
  • Demonstrates commitment to your profession and the overall industry.
  • Offers opportunities to network with other like-minded professionals.
  • Gain exposure to a wider range of educational programs, events and other engaged professionals.
The Virginia Nursery & Landscape Association owns the Virginia Certified Horticulturist credential.
The Virginia Nursery & Landscape Association is a 501c6 nonprofit and is a statewide trade association for nursery, landscape and green industry professionals.

Policies & Procedures Virginia Certified Horticulturist

As a certified horticulturist in the Commonwealth of Virginia, you agree to:

Adhere to all present and any future additions to or changes in VCH policies and procedures implemented by the VNLA’s Certification Committee.

Demonstrate the highest ethical standards in the conduct of your work and yourself.

Take continued action to learn more about horticulture, nursery processes and products and/or landscaping related activities to enhance knowledge and skills as a certified horticulturist.

Understand that a VCH credential is active for three years. During each three-year credential cycle, 30 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are required AND supporting documentation/proof of attendance or participation. CEUs and supporting documentation is submitted/recorded online via the VNLA’s website.

Understand that at the end of each three-year VCH credential cycle, a re-certification application and fee is required.

Understand that a Virginia Certified Horticulturist credential is granted by the nursery industry as recognition of knowledge and achievement and is in no way mandatory. It is granted or can be refused or revoked at the discretion of the Virginia Nursery & Landscape Association’s Certification Committee.

Should your VCH credential ever be revoked, you will not display any distinguishing logos or promote yourself as a Virginia Certified Horticulturist in newspapers, email signatures, websites or other media, or in any manner whatsoever to imply that you hold a VCH credential.

Failure to comply with stated policies and procedures will automatically revoke a VCH credential.

ACCEPT your Virginia Certified Horticulturist status with no reservations and only use your credential as long as you are in compliance with the above policy statements and requirements.

Exam Preparation & Resources Virginia Certified Horticulturist

VCH online review materials

We DO NOT have access to the ONLINE study materials. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Through a partnership with VA Tech, the VNLA has online VCH study materials. This is a benefit available only to current VNLA members.

The VCH online study materials include learning objectives, practice quizzes, plant identification photos, and plant names of approximately 155 plants.

To request access to the online study materials, email Be sure to include your full name, contact number, and name of your employer (if applicable). 

VCH manual

The VNLA offers a VCH study manual. It is a 600+ page three ring binder and a resource that members use for reference long after the exam.

The manual includes questions. While the questions are in a format different from the exam, they are relevant. You need to understand the information, not memorize the questions.

Cost for manual

For VNLA members, a VCH manual is approximately $152. This includes tax and shipping. The total cost may vary ever so slightly depending on the ship-to zip code.

For non-VNLA members, a VCH manual is $185 + tax and shipping.

Click HERE to order a VCH manual.  Email or call the office with any questions.

Already have a VCH manual? Please access below links to download pdf file of revised chapters:

  Landscape Design – Chapter 15

  Conservation Landscaping through Water Best Management Practices – Chapter 16

  Plant ID List – Randomly selected for the exam

Exam: Virginia Certified Horticulturist (VCH)

To make the VCH exam available year-round, the VNLA partnered with Strasz Assessment Systems to transition the VCH exam to Pearson Vue Testing Centers. This is an exciting and valuable change. Anyone who is ready to take the VCH exam, can simply register to take it on a date and at a time and location that is most convenient for their schedule!

Two options are available when you register for the exam:
Choose to take the exam at a Pearson location closest to you.
You will receive an email from Pearson inviting you to visit the Pearson site to schedule a date to take the exam.

Choose to take the exam remotely via a remote Pearson proctor.
This option requires you to set a date and time to take the exam. The exam and remote proctor will be available only during the time you select

If you choose the remote option, you will receive 2 emails from
The first email is related to setting up your computer. It explains how to test webcam, device camera, microphone, etc.
The second email provides you a link to the exam. This link will only work on the date and time you scheduled and only when you are connected with a remote proctor.

Use the following link to register, pay and choose one of the options described above:

Review Classes: Virginia Certified Horticulturist (VCH)

Review classes for the VCH exam are organized and hosted by Regional Nursery & Landscape Associations. For more information about VCH review classes, please contact one of the following regional associations.

Central Virginia Nursery & Landscape Association (CVNLA)

Northern Virginia Nursery & Landscape Association (NVNLA)

For more information about VCH review classes, please contact one of the above regional associations.

Thank you for reading!