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Box Tree Moth: What You Need to Know

VNLA Members should be alert when it comes to the newest threat to Virginia horticulture, the Box Tree Moth.  Since it was first found in New York in 2021, the Box Tree Moth (BTM) has now been found in counties in New York, Ohio, Michigan, and Massachusetts.

What does this mean for Virginia growers and nurseries?

As long as Virginia continues to be free from BTM, Virginia growers and nurseries do NOT need to abide by the compliance agreement. This is for informational purposes only.

Virginians DO need to be alert for BTM in the supply chain & look for evidence of BTM on plants.

The USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has put into place the Box Tree Moth Compliance Agreement for states where the BTM has been found.

When Virginia nurseries receive shipments, they need to confirm a certificate is in the shipment as well as visually inspect the shipments to ensure no evidence of BTM.

If you discover that you are regularly receiving shipments without a certificate from the affected counties in New York, Ohio, Michigan, and/or Massachusetts, be sure to alert your VDACS inspector.

VDACS inspectors will have more information for staff training to be on alert.  As always it is important to have a solid pest management plan.


Please contact Katie Hellebush, VNLA Executive Director.


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