Membership Member Benefits

Member Benefits

VNLA Membership Benefits

  • Legislative and regulatory monitoring: updates and advocacy on your behalf. The VNLA works collaboratively with AmericanHort, Virginia Agribusiness Council (VAC), Virginia Department of Agriculture & Consumer Resources (VDACS), and regional associations such as Central Virginia Nursery & Landscape Association (CVNLA), Northern Virginia Nursery & Landscape Association (NVNLA) and Piedmont Landscape Association (PLA).
  • Virginia Certified Horticulturist (VCH) credential: currently more than 400 of your colleagues hold a VCH credential, professional-level certification recognized in Virginia and a prerequisite for other certifications in the Chesapeake Bay region.
  • Continuing Education: the VNLA sponsors and provides support to several educational events and short courses – great opportunities to learn and earn continuing education units (CEUs).
  • Communication: the VNLA posts on its Facebook page and sends email-type communications using Constant Contact. These notices include important updates for members and details about upcoming educational events.
  • Grow your professional network: increase your business opportunities through association and getting to know others in the green industry. Share ideas, problem-solving, and best practices.
  • MANTS: participate in the Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show (MANTS) as an attendee or exhibitor. Join the VNLA for its annual membership breakfast meeting, typically held during MANTS each January.
  • Virginia Nursery & Landscape Horticulture Research Foundation (VNLHRF): a 501c3 nonprofit research foundation established in 1983. The VNLA’s research foundation committee accepts, reviews, and approves to funding of specific and practical research projects that help solve problems and benefit the overall green industry. Sharing knowledge, expertise, and valuable new information to VNLA members.
  • Quarterly newsletter: print and online.
  • Annual Virginia growers guide: purchasing resource guide. Searchable online to find growers and their availability.
  • Field Day: when possible, the VNLA facilitates an annual Field Day. This is an event that integrates education, networking with exhibitors + colleagues, and tours of local nurseries and or gardens.

Value and Benefits of a Virginia Certified Horticulturist Credential:

  • Recognition as a trained horticulture professional with knowledge of the science, art, cultivation, care, and use of plants.
  • Recognition as a trained horticulture professional with knowledge of the overall green industry.
  • A VCH credential is recognized and accepted throughout the State of Virginia. You will be qualified to stamp and approve engineer, landscape architect or design plans requiring plants. This is now a requirement by most Virginia municipality planning boards.
  • Pride and confidence in yourself, your work, and the industry you represent.
  • A VCH credential means you are qualified to offer sound, scientific horticultural advice to clients, retail customers, nursery sales, landscape installation (residential or commercial), or lawn maintenance projects.
  • Career advancement | Increased teamwork | Enhanced employability.
  • Demonstrates commitment to your profession and the overall industry.
  • Offers opportunities to network with other like-minded professionals.
  • Gain exposure to a wider range of educational programs, events, and other engaged professionals.

Membership Levels:

Become a Virginia Nursery & Landscape Association (VNLA) Member and keep pace with the issues that affect landscape professionals and the people who work with them. Membership in VNLA is affordable, creates networking opportunities, and allows your voice to join others who support education and high standards in the green industry and horticulture profession. 

Company Membership
Annual dues are based on the annual gross sales volume of your business.

Includes: nurseries, wholesale growers, re-wholesalers/distribution yards, garden centers, landscape contractors, landscape designers, landscape maintenance contractors, and landscape architects.

A VNLA company membership covers employees. For example: employees can request the VNLA to add their email address to receive digital copies of the quarterly VNLA newsletter, can request the VNLA to add an email address to receive VNLA email communications, updates, notices, etc., and will receive member pricing to attend Field Day.

Annual VNLA company membership based on the company’s annual gross sales volume:
Under $100,000 $95.00
$101,000 – $500,000 $195.00
$501,000 – $1,000,000 $295.00
$1,000,000 and above $495.00

Individual Membership
An individual who does not hold a Virginia Certified Horticulturist credential. Not available to businesses.
Annual dues: $95.00

Also available to Extension Agents and local/state government individuals. 

Individual Membership
An individual who holds a current Virginia Certified Horticulturist credential. Not available to businesses.
Annual dues: $65.00

Allied Membership
Businesses supplying products and services to the nursery industry and related organizations that wish
to keep abreast of Virginia nursery and landscape professional events and education. Includes hard goods, chemical/fertilizer, equipment, insurance, management and financial services, technology services, independent salesmen, brokers, etc.
Annual dues: $295.00

Out-of-State Membership
Nurseries, garden centers, landscape contractors, landscape designers, landscape maintenance
contractors, landscape architects, wholesale growers, and re-wholesalers/distribution yards not located in Virginia.
Annual dues: $295.00

Student or Educator Membership
Full-time students and horticulture educators. Students must provide the name of the school and anticipated graduation date. Educators must provide the name of the school.
Annual dues: $25.00

If you have further questions or would like assistance in becoming a valued member of the VNLA, please contact us by phone at (804) 256-2700 or send us an email at
The Virginia Nursery & Landscape Association owns the Virginia Certified Horticulturist credential.
The Virginia Nursery & Landscape Association is a 501c6 nonprofit and is a statewide trade association for nursery, landscape, and green industry professionals.

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