As we commemorate Women’s History Month, we shine a spotlight on the remarkable women who have defied stereotypes and left their mark in traditionally male-dominated industries. In the world of agriculture and horticulture, where strength, creativity, and resilience are essential, women are carving out their own paths and reshaping the agriculture and horticulture industry. Join us as we sit down with Robin McCall from Williams Brothers Tree & Lawn, a trailblazer in the landscaping industry, to learn about her journey, challenges, and triumphs as a woman thriving in this dynamic field.

In an interview conducted with Kelly Noon, we are delighted to spotlight Robin’s achievements in honor of Women’s History Month. Please continue reading to hear more about all the hard work and dedication she has contributed over the years.

  1. What inspired you to pursue your career/profession, and how do you see it contributing to the advancement of women in your industry?

My influences started in high school. The first teacher was Carol Elgin and then into college was Cindy Marston. Both taught me the ability to stay strong and move forward. Love your job. Have a passion.

That is one reason why I do floral design, as well as landscape design.

Carol was my FFA teacher. She passed away from breast cancer. I was honored to do both of her son’s weddings.

Cindy was a professor at Lord Fairfax Community College and is still a good friend of mine, still critiquing my floral design and landscape design ideas and teaching me about new plants that she’s finding through her son’s greenhouse.

Also, my parents have instilled in me to work hard and stay strong.

My other mentor is Richard Knapp, a true legend and nurseryman.

  1. Can you share any experiences or challenges you’ve faced as a woman in your field, and how have you overcome them?

The struggle is real for women in the green industry! We don’t make valued amounts of pay. We are more determined and more detailed about our tasks.

I work with several women, they’re hard-working, eager to learn, and have a great eye for pruning and detail

  1. In what ways do you believe your achievements or contributions have made a positive impact on other women or aspiring professionals?

Passion, Purpose, Teaching, Learning (God’s way) Attitude is Gratitude. Those are a few of the reasons why I do what I do.

I have been in the agriculture and horticulture industry for almost all of my life. I grew up with livestock 4-H & FFA and then started to grow with a passion for plants from my grandmother and her old blue hydrangeas in front of her old farmhouse.  I have had many jobs over the years,  but have learned sooo much from all of them to make my knowledge palette to the extent it is today. I loved working in the re-wholesale at Country Springs back in the day. The customers always knew I would get them what they asked for from a design sketch to ordering plants to how to prune or even when to transplant.  I  love to teach and share the love of plants to my customers and to my coworkers. The VNLA has driven me to push more for the field day, education, and networking part. I enjoy the social part and get energized by other plant enthusiasts.

Thank you for reading!