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History Permanent Research Fund

Formation of Permanent Research Fund

John Machen, Chairman VNA Research Committee, January 1983

The VNA Board of Directors proudly announces the formation of a permanent Research Fund. In response to an appeal from the Research Committee, individual members of the VNA Board have generously donated $200 each for a total of $1,000 to begin the permanent Research Fund.

• Ennion Williams – Cherotuck Nurseries
• Jeff Miller – Laurel Creek Nursery
• Michael Ferrara – Campbell & Ferrara Nursery
• Bob Papetti – Bobtown Nursery
• John Machen – Mobjack Nurseries

The fund will be managed by the Executive Director, as directed by the VNA Board. Funds, generated from investment of the capital funds, will be allocated for research by the VNA Research Committee. To supplement this additional “seed’ money the Research Committee intends to:

1. Petition the Penn Allied Nursery Trade Show Board to annually make a be-quest of approximately $400 per year to the research fund. This bequest would equal the average cost of one booth at the Hershey Show. In return, the VNA would encourage its members who exhibit to contribute their booths to the PANTS auction. Also, the VNA would promote attendance and support of the PANTS Show in our Newsletter to our membership (approximately $300 per annum).

2. Request the allocation of the average cost of one exhibit, booth (approximately $300) at the Mid-Atlantic Trade Show to be added annually to the permanent fund.

3. Conduct a plant auction at the Virginia Truck and Ornamental Research Station at Virginia Beach each summer during the annual Open House / Field Day. Plants for sale will be donated by VNA members and restricted to those nurserymen who attend the Field Day. The auction will be conducted by the Research Committee with assistance from the Truck Station personnel. (Anticipated net gain of $1,000 per annum.)

4. Encourage VNA members to contribute to this, the inception of our research fund. A letter asking for donations will be sent out to all members. Our research monies are beginning to produce some tangible results, which will benefit the whole nursery industry. Now is the time to get behind this effort and support it with a research donation in 1983!

5. Announce that any of our members who desire to name this fund in memory of a deceased family member or friend or in appreciation of a family or friend still living can in effect so name this permanent on-going fund by pledging to contribute $10,000. This can be done in one payment, or in integrals of $2,000 spread over a five year period.

On behalf of the VNA we wish to thank the following VNA Board members for their contribution of $200 each to start the beginning of our concerted effort to continue to endorse and support research in Virginia which will be of direct benefit to our members and to our industry at large.

– reprinted from the January 1983 VNA News

Virginia Nurserymen’s Association Horticulture Research Foundation, Inc

Articles of Incorporation


The VNLA Board approved a motion from the Research Committee to change the name of the “Virginia Nurserymen’s Association Horticulture Research Foundation, Inc.” (VNAHRF) to the “Virginia Nursery & Landscape Horticulture Research Foundation, Inc.” (VNLAHRF) to tie in with the previous VNLA name change to clarify that the VNLAHRF is part of the VNLA. (Christopher Brown Jr, Research Chair) 3/2/16

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