2016 Webinars

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(NOTE: These Recorded Webinars are only available to  Virginia Nursery and Landscape Association (VNLA) members and Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE) staff)

Business Management – 20 Key Business Metrics, by Marcus VandeVliet, on January 21, 2016 (NOTE: first 2 minutes and 15 seconds are audio only, then video starts, only missing the intro screen)

  Breeding New Plants that Work, by Ryan Contreras, Oregon State University, March 17, 2016

 Source Water Quality Used for Irrigating Ornamental Crops by Anthony LeBud, NCSU, May 19, 2016

5 Questions to Ask Your Social Media Manager, by Dr. Cheryl Boyer, Kansas State University, July 21, 2016

Urban Nutrient Management – Where We Are & Where We Are Headed, by Dr. Mike Goatley, VA Tech, September 15, 2016

Tried and True IPM Techniques that Improve your Nursery’s Bottom Line, Dr. Amy Fulcher, University of Tennessee, November 17, 2016

 Lunch and Learn 2016 Webinar Series

 The 2016 lunch and learn educational series provides VNLA members and Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE) staff 6 bi-monthly, one-hour, live webinars at 12:00 PM on the third Thursday of each odd month.  Participants can listen and question experts in landscape, nursery, and plant breeding; receive continuing education credits for certification; and gain new business and horticulture knowledge.  Each webinar will be recorded and available to VNLA members as continuing education.
 Jan 21 Marcus vandeViet,
MV Enterprises
 Business Management – 20 Key Business Metrics  How can you manage your business if you don’t measure everything. Key information and metrics will improve owner decisions from day-to-day operations all the way through to long term business strategy. Business metrics should include profitability, but the real question is where is the profit being generated, and by whom? What impacts profits in production? Are we managing our sales people and process? How effective is our marketing and advertising? This webinar will cover what metrics to focus on, and how to generate accurate and current information.
Mar 17  Ryan Contreras,
Oregon State University
 Breeding New Plants that Work Ryan Contreras is an Assistant Professor at Oregon State University where he runs the Ornamental Plant Breeding program.  His program breeds a diversity of nursery and landscape crops from Acer to Vaccinium with goals such as sterility, improved adaptability, and new combinations of ornamental traits.  Ryan also has an active teaching program including woody plant identification and plant growth & development.  If you find yourself in the Willamette Valley, Ryan’s program welcomes visitors year round!
 May 19 Dr. Anthony LeBude, North Carolina State University  Source Water Quality Used for Irrigating Nursery Crops  Dr. LeBude will discuss results from his North Carolina Nursery and Landscape Association grant-funded irrigation tour of nurseries this past summer. Come learn about irrigating with high or low pH water and some plant problems they might contribute to during production. Additionally he will discuss some possible solutions to common pond management problems observed while in the field.
 July 21 Dr. Cheryl Boyer and Mr. Scott Stebner, Kansas State University  5 Questions to Ask Your Social Media Manager  How do you know if your return on investment for social media marketing efforts are working? What key performance indicators should you look at? What is considered “industry average”? In this webinar we’ll share 5 tips to help you understand how your business is faring in the social media landscape.
 Sept 15 Dr. Mike Goatley, Virginia Tech  Urban Nurtient Management – Where We Are & Where We Are Headed  This webinar will detail the current status of nutrient management recommendations, new chemistry and strategies in fertilization, and simple ways that landscapers can positively impact water quality in their overall lawn and landscape management programs.
 Nov 17 Dr. Amy Fulcher, University of Tennessee  Tried and True IPM Techniques that Improve your Nursery’s Bottom Line  Dr. Fulcher will share tried and true techniques from the nursery scouting program starting with monitoring flatheaded apple tree borer infestations and interpreting granulate ambrosia beetle trap information to maximize control of these and other pests.  Dr. Fulcher will also discuss a novel approach to pesticide applications, the 1/2 rate program.  Through the ½ rate program, growers in several states have seen that they can spray less pesticide without sacrificing pest control.  A series of nursery-based examples on recognizing fertilizer-related plant problems will show how detecting problems early and accurately interpreting the problem can help growers avoid costly production issues.  Resources that are available to growers who are interested in adopting IPM will also be featured.
This Webinar series is coordinated by  Jim Owen, Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist, Nursery Crops
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