VCH-CEU Online Reporting

To maintain a VCH credential, ten CEUs are required each year of the three-year credential cycle.

Policies & Procedures Virginia Certified Horticulturist

As a certified horticulturist in the Commonwealth of Virginia, you agree to:

Adhere to all present and any future additions to or changes in VCH policies and procedures implemented by the VNLA’s Certification Committee.

Demonstrate the highest ethical standards in the conduct of your work and yourself.

Take continued action to learn more about horticulture, nursery processes and products and/or landscaping related activities to enhance knowledge and skills as a certified horticulturist.

Understand that a VCH credential is active for three years. During each three-year credential cycle, 30 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are required AND supporting documentation/proof of attendance or participation. CEUs and supporting documentation is submitted/recorded online via the VNLA’s website.

Understand that at the end of each three-year VCH credential cycle, a re-certification application and fee is required.

Understand that a Virginia Certified Horticulturist credential is granted by the nursery industry as recognition of knowledge and achievement and is in no way mandatory. It is granted or can be refused or revoked at the discretion of the Virginia Nursery & Landscape Association’s Certification Committee.

Should your VCH credential ever be revoked, you will not display any distinguishing logos or promote yourself as a Virginia Certified Horticulturist in newspapers, email signatures, websites or other media, or in any manner whatsoever to imply that you hold a VCH credential.

Failure to comply with stated policies and procedures will automatically revoke a VCH credential.

ACCEPT your Virginia Certified Horticulturist status with no reservations and only use your credential as long as you are in compliance with the above policy statements and requirements.

Thank you for reading!