Exam Preparation & Resources Virginia Certified Horticulturist

VCH online review materials

Through a partnership with VA Tech, the VNLA has online VCH study materials. This is a benefit available only to current VNLA members.

The VCH online study materials include learning objectives, practice quizzes, plant identification photos and plant names of approximately 155 plants.

To request access to the online study materials, email info@vnla.org. Be sure to include your full name, contact number and name of your employer (if applicable).


VCH manual

The VNLA offers a VCH study manual. It is a 600+ page three ring binder and a resource that members use for reference long after the exam.

The manual includes questions. While the questions are in a format different from the exam, they are relevant. You need to understand the information, not memorize the questions.

Cost for manual

For VNLA members, a VCH manual is approximately $152. This includes tax and shipping. The total cost may vary ever so slightly depending on the ship-to zip code.

 For non-VNLA members, a VCH manual is $185 + tax and shipping.

Email info@vnla.org to order a VCH manual.

Already have a VCH manual? Please access below links to download pdf file of revised chapters:

Landscape Design chapter 15
Conservation Landscaping through Water Quality Best Management Practices chapter 16
Plant ID list randomly selected for the exam

Thank you for reading!